Package javafx.scene.input

package javafx.scene.input
  • Class
    Represents an operating system clipboard, on which data may be placed during, for example, cut, copy, and paste operations.
    Data container for Clipboard data.
    When the user requests a context menu, this event occurs.
    Data format identifier used as means of identifying the data stored on a clipboard/dragboard.
    A drag and drop specific Clipboard.
    Drag events replace mouse events during drag-and-drop gesture.
    An event indicating gesture input.
    An event indicating a user input.
    This class represents a key combination in which the main key is specified by its character.
    Set of key codes for KeyEvent objects.
    This class represents a key combination in which the main key is specified by its KeyCode.
    Represents a combination of keys which are used in keyboard shortcuts.
    This class represents a pair of modifier key and its value.
    ModifierValue specifies state of modifier keys.
    An event which indicates that a keystroke occurred in a Node.
    Mapping for Button Names
    Mouse drag events are delivered to potential gesture targets during full press-drag-release gestures.
    When mouse event occurs, the top-most node under cursor is picked and the event is delivered to it through capturing and bubbling phases described at EventDispatcher.
    Scroll event indicates that user performed scrolling by mouse wheel, track pad, touch screen or other similar device.
    Horizontal text-based scrolling units.
    Vertical text-based scrolling units.
    Swipe event indicates that user performed a swipe gesture such as dragging a finger in one direction on touch screen.
    Touch event indicates a touch screen action.
    Touch point represents a single point of a multi-touch action, typically one finger touching a screen.
    Represents current state of the touch point
    Describes the mode of data transfer with respect to a drag and drop gesture.