Package javafx.scene

Interface INode

All Superinterfaces:
HasBlendModeProperty, HasClipProperty, HasEffectProperty, HasLayoutXProperty, HasLayoutYProperty, HasManagedProperty, HasMouseTransparentProperty, HasOnMouseClickedProperty, HasOpacityProperty, HasParentProperty, HasVisibleProperty, LayoutMeasurable, LayoutMeasurableMixin
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AnchorPane, Arc, BorderPane, Button, ButtonBar, ButtonBase, Canvas, Cell, CheckBox, ChoiceBox, Circle, ComboBoxBase, ContextMenuContent, ContextMenuContent.MenuItemContainer, Control, DatePicker, DialogPane, FlowPane, GridPane, Group, HBox, Hyperlink, ImageView, Label, Labeled, LabeledText, Line, MediaView, Node, Pane, Parent, PasswordField, Path, PopupControl.CSSBridge, ProgressBar, ProgressIndicator, RadioButton, Rectangle, Region, ScrollPane, Separator, Shape, Slider, SplitPane, StackPane, SVGPath, TabPane, Text, TextArea, TextField, TextFlow, TextInputControl, TitledPane, ToggleButton, ToolkitTextBox, VBox, WebView

Bruno Salmon
  • Field Details


      static final double BASELINE_OFFSET_SAME_AS_HEIGHT
      This is a special value that might be returned by getBaselineOffset(). This means that the Parent (layout Pane) of this Node should use the height of this Node as a baseline.
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  • Method Details

    • getTransforms

      ObservableList<Transform> getTransforms()
    • getAllNodeTransforms

      List<Transform> getAllNodeTransforms()
    • relocate

      default void relocate(double x, double y)
    • isResizable

      default boolean isResizable()
    • getContentBias

      default Orientation getContentBias()
    • resize

      default void resize(double width, double height)
    • resizeRelocate

      default void resizeRelocate(double x, double y, double width, double height)
    • autosize

      void autosize()
    • getBaselineOffset

      default double getBaselineOffset()
      The 'alphabetic' (or 'roman') baseline offset from the node's layoutBounds.minY location that should be used when this node is being vertically aligned by baseline with other nodes. By default this returns BASELINE_OFFSET_SAME_AS_HEIGHT for resizable Nodes and layoutBounds height for non-resizable. Subclasses which contain text should override this method to return their actual text baseline offset.
      offset of text baseline from layoutBounds.minY for non-resizable Nodes or BASELINE_OFFSET_SAME_AS_HEIGHT otherwise
    • getProperties

      ObservableMap<Object,Object> getProperties()
      Returns an observable map of properties on this node for use primarily by application developers.
      an observable map of properties on this node for use primarily by application developers
    • hasProperties

      boolean hasProperties()
      Tests if Node has properties.
      true if node has properties.
    • getScene

      Scene getScene()
    • getNodePeer

      NodePeer getNodePeer()
    • getOrCreateAndBindNodePeer

      NodePeer getOrCreateAndBindNodePeer()