Class DialogEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable

public class DialogEvent extends Event
Event related to dialog showing/hiding actions. In particular, this event is used exclusively by the following methods:
JavaFX 8u40
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  • Field Details

    • ANY

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> ANY
      Common supertype for all dialog event types.

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> DIALOG_SHOWING
      This event occurs on dialog just before it is shown.

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> DIALOG_SHOWN
      This event occurs on dialog just after it is shown.

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> DIALOG_HIDING
      This event occurs on dialog just before it is hidden.

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> DIALOG_HIDDEN
      This event occurs on dialog just after it is hidden.

      public static final EventType<DialogEvent> DIALOG_CLOSE_REQUEST
      This event is delivered to a dialog when there is an external request to close that dialog. If the event is not consumed by any installed dialog event handler, the default handler for this event closes the corresponding dialog.
  • Constructor Details

    • DialogEvent

      public DialogEvent(Dialog<?> source, EventType<? extends Event> eventType)
      Construct a new Event with the specified event source, target and type. If the source or target is set to null, it is replaced by the NULL_SOURCE_TARGET value.
      source - the event source which sent the event
      eventType - the event type
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      Returns a string representation of this DialogEvent object.
      toString in class EventObject
      a string representation of this DialogEvent object.
    • getEventType

      public EventType<DialogEvent> getEventType()
      Creates a copy of the given event with the given fields substituted.
      getEventType in class Event
      newSource - the new source of the copied event
      newTarget - the new target of the copied event
      type - the new eventType
      the event copy with the fields substituted