Class ToggleButtonBehavior<C extends ToggleButton>

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public class ToggleButtonBehavior<C extends ToggleButton> extends ButtonBehavior<C>
  • Field Details


      protected static final List<KeyBinding> TOGGLE_BUTTON_BINDINGS
      The key bindings for the ToggleButton. Sets up the keys to open the menu.
  • Constructor Details

    • ToggleButtonBehavior

      public ToggleButtonBehavior(C button)
  • Method Details

    • callAction

      protected void callAction(String name)
      Description copied from class: BehaviorBase
      Called to invoke the action associated with the given name.

      When a KeyEvent is handled, it is first passed through callActionForEvent which resolves which "action" should be executed based on the key event. This action is indicated by name. This name is then passed to this function which is responsible for invoking the right function based on the name.

      callAction in class ButtonBehavior<C extends ToggleButton>