Class ScrollPaneBehavior


public class ScrollPaneBehavior extends BehaviorBase<ScrollPane>
Behavior for ScrollPane. TODO: the function variables are a poor way to couple to the rest of the system. This technique avoids a direct dependency on the skin class. However, this should really be coupled through the control itself instead of directly to the skin.
  • Constructor Details

    • ScrollPaneBehavior

      public ScrollPaneBehavior(ScrollPane scrollPane)
      * Constructors * *
  • Method Details

    • mouseClicked

      public void mouseClicked()
      * Mouse event handling * *
    • mousePressed

      public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e)
      Description copied from class: BehaviorBase
      Invoked by a Skin when the body of the control has been pressed by the mouse. Subclasses should be sure to call super unless they intend to disable any built-in support.
      mousePressed in class BehaviorBase<ScrollPane>
      e - the mouse event